Teacher Directory

As a service to the community, we have compiled a list of Arts Teachers who teach, or teach students in the Adams county, Colorado area.

NOTE: The Young Artists Alliance does not endorse or promote any of these teachers.

Private Teacher Discipline Location Contact
Lori Alcott Piano, Guitar, Flute Westminster 720-925-1212



Karolyn Aldrich Voice Thornton & Westminster 720-977-9196
Dr. Emily Alley Piano Thornton 610-858-3895
Zach Alley Cello, violin, viola, piano, bass, guitar Thornton 570-394-7605
Dr. Grace Asquith Piano Lafayette 720-890-7660
Jen Black Piano, Voice, Choir Thornton 303-204-3190
Susan Davenport Violin Thornton 303-280-4526
Sarah Delevoryas Suzuki Violin Teacher Broomfield 720-351-3842
Edna Dieter Piano Westminster 303-920-5037
Annette Green Piano South Thornton 303-853-0014
Dr. Christine Holley Voice Thornton 720-404-1084
Lisa Johnson Piano Thornton 303-452-8388
Millie Jurneke Piano Thornton 303-280-9347
Amy Lee Piano Thornton 720-233-7099



Diana McRae Piano Thornton 720-929-2367
Suzan Ockey Voice Broomfield 303-482-1287
Barbara Rino Violin, Viola Westminster 303-466-4579
Chris Short Violin, Viola Northglenn 303-328-5493


David Short Cello Northglenn 303-328-5493
Anne Silvas Violin Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn 303-304-6730
Roberto Silvas Violin, Viola Westminster 303-517-0396
Lisa Walecki Voice Downtown Denver 720-933-9805