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News from the Young Artists Alliance: Vocal Division competition in 2024!

The Young Artists Alliance is thrilled to announce that we are holding a competition in the Vocal Division on April 12th, 2024.

Thank you to all of our participants! This year’s winners are:

Junior Division

  • 1st place – Etta McCurdy
  • 2nd place – John Wilson
  • 3rd place – Molly Roman

Intermediate Division

  • 1st place – Taryn Hermosillo
  • 2nd place – Max Morley
  • 3rd place – Ella Smith

Senior A Division

  • 1st place – Will McGaha
  • 2nd place – Kori Zirker
  • 3rd place – Lia Morley

Senior B Division

  • 1st place – Hailey Nelson
  • 2nd place – Hannah Jo Shelton
  • 3rd place – Haleigh Glaser

Click here for the vocal overview and schedule.

Click here for more detailed information about the vocal competition.