About Us

The Young Artists Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and supporting the young talent of our community through education, performance opportunities, and competition.

 Working Board of Directors

Rosalie Keith: Executive Director

Rosalie has worked as an arts volunteer for the city of Thornton and Adams County for 20 years. She is the creator and administrator for the TASHCO Young Artists Festival. She served on the TASHCO Board of Directors, the Adams County Cultural Council and on the Board of Directors for Ballet Nouveau Colorado. Rosalie is a graduate of Metropolitan State College where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and public relations. For 15 years she owned Tremont Printing in downtown Denver with her husband. This small business ownership gave Rosalie experience in financial management and planning, as well as the day –to- day business operations required for successful customer service. Upon retirement, Rosalie continues with her arts volunteerism and teaches 15 piano students.

As executive director for the Young Artists Alliance, Rosalie oversees the management of the organization which includes program development, grant writing, fundraising, and program supervision. She works closely with TASHCO, the city of Thornton and the YAA Board of Directors in establishing long-range goals for the community. Rosalie is the 2004 recipient of the SCFD Rex Morgan Award.

Valerie Price: President

Valerie has spent her entire life in Adams County. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Regis University. She has spent her entire career working in government accounting and finance. Her knowledge of the workings of city governments as well as her training in accounting makes Valerie an indispensable member of the board. Her daughters, Alexandra and Savanna, both participated in our programs for several years, giving Valerie an understanding and appreciation for the goals of the Young Artists Alliance.

Kristin Hurley: Board Member

Kristin Hurley is a homeschooling mother who directs a Classical Conversations Challenge community one day a week.  Kristin has loved the arts since she began attending community theater rehearsals with her parents in Illinois as a preschooler, taking dance classes as an elementary school student, and singing as soon as she could talk.  The singing stuck with her; she has performed with the Musicians of St. Clare choir for 17 years, as well as directing a sacred music choir at her church.  She was introduced to the Young Artists Alliance through her daughter, who began participating in the Young Artists Chorale in 2015, and became increasingly interested in the YAA as she learned about the fantastic young artists found in Adams County alone, and the opportunities Adams County children have through the Young Artists Alliance.  She lives in Northglenn with her husband, Brian, and her two children, Katie and Matthew.

Please email us with any questions or concerns you may have.