Piano Results

Congratulations to the following students for their award-winning performances Saturday Morning.  Please report to the Skyview High School Complex, Rosa Auditorium at 6:30 pm tonight to receive your award.

Courtney Merrill

Avery Merrill

Logan Castleton

Grace Rowberry

Felix Nyamdorj

Jeremy Huang

The following students are award winners for their performances on Thursday evening.  Please report to the final concert on Saturday, 6:30 pm  Skyview High School Complex, Rosa Auditorium.  The city requires that you fill out a W9 form to receive your award.  Parents and students will need to know their SS# and to fill out the form..

Congratulations Students:

Noah Morken

Tate Thygesen

Chase Merrill

Jayden Collier

Geoffrey Boden

Ava Lee

Brooke Turner

Ethan Jung

Jeffrey Dai

April Zhang