2021 Young Artists Festival Results

Congratulations to our 2021 Young Artists Festival winners! In a year filled with uncertainty due to COVID, we genuinely appreciated listening to the beautiful music you provided us!

Beginner Piano Division
1st Place: Trey Merrill
2nd Place: Jeremiah De Kruif
3rd Place: Dakotah De Kruif

Junior Piano Division
1st Place: Amy Daines
2nd Place: Geoffrey Boden
3rd Place: Ava Lee

Intermediate A Piano Division:
1st Place: Jeremy Huang
2nd Place: Felix Nyamdorj

Intermediate B Piano Division:
1st Place: Isaac Blasi
2nd Place: Gwynneth Reeder

Senior Piano Division:
1st Place: Avery Merrill
2nd Place: Grace Rowberry
3rd Place: Simon Cornejo

Intermediate A:
1st Place:  Zephan Lee
2nd Place:  Maxim Kuznetsov
Intermediate B:
1st Place:  Micaiah Lee
2nd Place:  Valerie Xin
3rd Place:  Lia Morley
Senior A:
1st Place:  Jiann Kim
2nd Place:  Jeremy Huang
3rd Place:  Christopher Chen
Senior B:
1st Place:  Jacob Lee
2nd Place:  Courtney Merrill