2019 String Audition Schedule

Welcome to the 2019 Auditions for piano and strings. We will be holding auditions on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon March 15-16. You have been scheduled according to your registration request.

The auditions will be held at 3501 Summit Grove Parkway at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From 136th Avenue drive East past Washington and York to Cottonwood Lakes Blvd. Turn South or right at that stop light and drive to the three-way stop. Turn left on Summit Grove Parkway and the church will appear on your left.

Please dress professionally for your auditions. Girls should wear skirts or dress pants. Boys should wear shirts with colors. No hoodies, holey jeans or immodest clothing.

If your schedule has changed, please call Rosalie, and I will do what I can to arrange a different time. (303-457-2289 or youngartistsalliance@comcast.net)

Please enter through the West Doors.

Thank you!

Friday Afternoon, March 15th

  • 5:30 Courtney Merrill
  • 5:45 Ray Lynn Cruz
  • 6:00 Ava Lee
  • 6:20 Micaiah Lee
  • 6:35 Christopher Chen
  • 6:50 Jacob Lei
  • 7:10 Camryn Olsten​

Saturday Morning, March 16th

  • 9:15 Reese Bush
  • 9:30 Jiann Kim
  • 9:45 Ryder Moran
  • 10:00
  • 10:30 Jayden Collier
  • 10:45 Sarah Lee

Saturday Afternoon, March 16th

  • 1:00
  • 1:20 Gwynneth Reeder
  • 1:40 Emily Her
  • 2:00 Lia Morley
  • 2:15 Rachel Park
  • 3:00 Emily Scot
  • 3:15 Jeremy Huang
  • 3:30 Olivia Potter
  • 3:45 Angela Blashenko