2017-2018 Results


Junior Division

1st Place        Brooklynn Harris

2nd Place       Juliana Ortiz and Lanie Castleton


Intermediate Division

1st Place        Makaelyn Peterson

2nd Place       Callia Ellis

3rd Place        Allie Snodderly


Senior Division

1st Place        Mykelti Dragoo

2nd Place       Madison Strasheim

3rd Place        Abby Prinster


Beginner A

1st Place        Jayden Collier

2nd Place       Kaylie Park

3rd Place        Jeffrey Dai


Beginner B

1st Place        Felix Nyamdorj

2nd Place       Ava Lee

3rd Place        Brooke Turner


Junior Piano

1st Place        Logan Castleton

2nd Place       Luke Brucker and Simon Cornejo

3rd Place        Isaac Blasi


Intermediate Piano

1st Place        Avery Merrill

2nd Place       Camille Ellis

3rd Place        Jacob Lee


Senior Piano

1st Place        Zoe Morken

2nd Place       Chase Merrill

3rd Place        Corrine Olsten and Tate Thygeson


Intermediate Strings A

1st Place        Courtney Merrill

2nd Place       Jayden Collier

3rd Place        Sophie Setiyadi

Honorable Mention    Ava Lee


Intermediate Strings B

1st Place        Sophia Wallker


Senior Strings A

1st Place        Camryn Olsten

2nd Place       Ehna Choi

3rd Place        Sarah Janicki


Senior Strings B

1st Place        Jennifer Tran

2nd Place       Jongho Choi


Junior Division

1st Place        Kimora Northrup

2nd Place       Savanna Price

3rd Place        Katja Ciboch


Intermediate Division No Pointe

1st Place        Niccole Chavers

2nd Place       Brooklyn Marshall

3rd Place        Gillian Estes


Intermediate Division En Pointe

1st Place        Brooklyn Smith

2nd Place       Talley Nakata


Senior Division – Ballet

1st Place        Ryleigh Jo Turner

2nd Place       Stefan Ebersole

3rd Place        Madelyn Caviness


Senior Divisions – Contemporary

1st Place        Olivia Richardson

2nd Place       Araya Morris and Kamille Galant

3rd Place        Lana Salfiti


Junior Division

1st Place         Morgan Fritzler

2nd Place        Jayden Grecius

3rd Place        Peyton Busch


Intermediate Division

1st Place         Ashtynn Rethinger

2nd Place        Mya Busch

3rd Place        Madison Strasheim


Senior A Division

1st Place         Junelle Gabrielle Flores

2nd Place        Holly Vose

3rd Place        Abby Stuckrath


Senior Division

1st Place Tie              Katie Hellbusch, Kyle Lawrence

2nd Place                   Brandon Cage