YAF 2016

2016 Award Winners

Intermediate A  Strings

1st Place         Jiann Kim

2nd Place        Ava Lee


Intermediate B Strings

1st Place         Camryn Olsten

2nd Place        Ehna Choi

3rd Place        Jacob Lei

Hon. Mention    Sarah Janicki


Senior A Strings

1st Place         Jongho Choi

2nd Place        Avery Becklenberg

3rd Place        Emily Scott


Senior B Strings

1st Place         Tara Srinivas

2nd Place        Brian Nguyen

3rd Place        Luis Gallegos


Beginner A Piano

1st Place         Felix Nyamdorj

2nd Place        Ava Lee

3rd Place        Brooke Turner


Beginner B Piano

1st Place         Logan Castleton

Axel Bodeux

2nd Place        Andrew Smith

Hayden Burton


Junior Piano

1st Place         Avery Merrill

2nd Place        Grace Rowberry

3rd Place        Ellie Shyu

Hon Mention     Ashley Dibonas


Intermediate Piano

1st Place         Chase Merrill

2nd Place        Graham Campbell

3rd Place        Melissa Shrimer


Senior Piano

1st Place         Zachary Troyer

2nd Place        Chandra Xu

3rd Place        Zoe Morken


Junior Vocal

1st Place         Mya Busch

2nd Place        Chloe Chavez

3rd Place        Kevin Grapner


Intermediate Vocal

1st Place         Abby Stuckrath

3rd Place        Abby Prinster

Grace Eisenach


Senior A Vocal

1st Place         Logan Riley

2nd Place        Matthew Lei


Senior B Vocal

1st Place         Brendan Lynch

2nd Place        Kayla Sandoval

Maria Gesicki

3rd Place        Lauren Clausen


Intermediate Drama

1st Place         Abby Stuckrath

2nd Place        Kevin Grapner

3rd Place        Mya Busch


Senior Drama

1st Place         Lauren Clausen

2nd Place        Matthew Lei

Brendan Lynch


Junior Ballet

1st Place         Ava Mendenhall

2nd Place        Gwendolyn Harrison


Intermediate Ballet Pointe

1st Place         Madelyn Caviness

2nd Place        Kamille Galant


Senior Ballet

1st Place         Stefan Ebersole

2nd Place        Erin White


Senior Contemporary Dance

1st Place         Olivia Richardson


The decision of the judges is final. At the judges’ discretion, some awards may not be given. The scores and comments are confidential and provided to students and teachers to further individual progress and development. Contestants are understood to recognize that the judging is subjective and wholly depends on performances on the day of competition.