2015 Vocal Competition Schedule

2015 Vocal Competition Information and Schedule

The vocal divisions for the Festival will be held Saturday, April 18 beginning at 9 am at Rosa Auditorium at the Skyview complex located at 84th and York.   Students should check in outside the auditorium doors.  Below you will find your division’s start time and competition number.   Students will be introduced by their competition number and are not required to introduce themselves or their musical selections.  No stage rehearsals are available this year.

Check In

Please arrive before the start time of your division and at least 15 minutes before you perform. Check-in with the volunteer near the auditorium doors and turn in your original music with the measures numbered.  We have one warm-up rooms and we ask students to warm-up in the order of their performances.  This competition is open to the public so please dress in concert attire.  You will be performing on a stage.

Final Concert

Please reserve Saturday, April 18 for the Final Concert and Award Ceremony.  The judges will select top award-winners to perform at 6:30 pm at Skyview Academy Auditorium located at 8990 York St. in Thornton.  (just north of 88th Ave)

Vocal Questions:   Heather Schenck   720-934-3713   heatherschenck @ymail.com




Competition Order


JUNIOR DIVISION    Start Time:  9 am


701      Mya Busch                              Black

702      Kevin Grapner                         Black

703      Nina Harrington                      Mehalic

704      Josephine Rodriguez               Mehalic

705      Madeline Wagstaff                 Pfenning

706      Morgan Weitzel                      Black

707      Isabella Gueck                         LaCava


801      Rachel Friedensen                  Black   (Intermediate)




SENIOR A DIVISION  Start Time:  10:20am


901      Makenzie Contor                    LaCava

902      Gabrielle Wagstaff                 Pfenning

903      Katelynn Luchtenberg             Stinar

904      Matthew Lei                            Black

905      Lauren Clausen                       Black

906      Giovanna DiGiacomo              Mehalic

907      Brendan Lynch                        Walecki


SENIOR B DIVISION       Start Time:  About 11:40 am


951      Emma Coffey                          Black

952      Carly Lyman                            Ockey

953      Marina Larson                        Pfenning

954      Avrial Turner                           Pfenning