2015 Piano Competition Acceptance Information

Piano Participants

The piano divisions will be held at the Carpenter Recreation Center, located at 111th and Colorado Blvd.  As you enter the building, turn left past the registration desk.  The competition room is on your right.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your division’s start time.  Bring your original music with the measures numbered and give it to the volunteer outside the competition room.  This performance is open to family, friends and the public at no charge.  We ask you to dress appropriately.  Girls should wear skirts that reach the knee or dress pants.  Boys should wear a dress shirt with a collar.  You are performing on a low stage.  Parents and students should not communicate with judges. Two warm-up rooms will be available for brief warm ups. Warm up in performance order.  See below for information about Stage Rehearsals.

Wednesday, April 15                     Start Time:  6:30 pm

Junior Division

201         Luka Bodeux

202         Matthew Furnish

203         Haven Haller

204         Chase Merrill

205         Ellie Shyu

206         Riley Smith

207         Emilie Xu

Wednesday, April 15                     Start Time:  7:45 pm

Intermediate Division

301         Komola Anupindi

302         Kusala Anupindi

303         Graham Campbell

304         Emily Dibonas

305         Sean Myers

306         Andrew Rouze

307         Chandra Xu


Thursday, April 16                           Start time:  6:00 pm 

Beginner A

101         Isaac Blasi

102         Carter Jensen

103         Ava Lee

104         Felix Nyamdorj

105         Sophie Park

106         Gwynneth Reeder

107         Andrew Smith

108         Brooke Turner 

Thursday, April 16                           Start time:  7:05 pm

Beginner B

151         Axel Bodeux

152         Hayden Burton

153         Allison Jensen

154         Avery Merrill

155         Oscar Proffit

156         Grace Rowberry

157         Elisabeth Smith

Thursday, April 16                           Start time:  8:10 pm

Senior Division

401      Tara Srinivas

402      Zach Troyer

Stage Rehearsals

Stage rehearsals are offered but not required.  Students may play their performance selections one time and under the direction of their teacher, may make some adjustments.  Intense and extensive practice sessions are not appropriate.  The stage rehearsals will be held:

Saturday, April 11                             1 pm – 5 pm

Monday, April 13                              4 pm – 9 pm

Tuesday, April 14                              4 pm – 9 pm


2015 Piano Judge Information