2015 Young Artists Festival

Final Concert Pictures

Dance Showcase
Piano, Strings, Vocal and Drama Showcase
Awards and Presentations


The following students have been chosen to receive an award at the final concert Saturday April 19th at 6:30 pm. Please report to Rosa Auditorium in the Skyview High School complex (8990 York St) on Saturday no later than 6:00 pm. First place winners will be contacted personally as they will need to perform at the recital.  The Final Recital is open to the public.

** The city of Thornton now requires students to fill out a W-9 form to receive their funds.  Please bring your child’s social security number with you and fill out the form before the concert.

Drama Competition Results

Intermediate and Senior Divisions (Saturday April 18th) – Listed in alphabetical order:

Mya Busch
Lauren Clausen
Rachel Friedensen
Kevin Grapner
Matthew Lei
Brendan Lynch

Voice Competition Results

Senior A and Senior B Divisions (Saturday April 18th) – Listed in alphabetical order:

Lauren Clausen
Emma Coffey
Brendan Lynch
Avril Turner
Gabrielle Wagstaff

Junior and Intermediate Divisions (Saturday April 18th) – Listed in alphabetical order:

Mya Busch
Rachel Friedensen
Kevin Grapner
Madeline Wagstaff

Dance Competition Results

(Friday April 17th) – Listed in aphabetical order

The following dancers will be performing at the final concert:

Avery Becklenberg
Madelyn Caviness
Brooke Gilliam
Emma Holers
Olivia Langley
Ava Mendenhall
Araya Morris
Tally Nakata
Avery Phillips
Olivia Richardson
Sophie Robinson
Momo Sakai
Nicholas Sakai
Inara Wheeler

The following dancers will need to attend the final concert to receive an award but will not be performing:

Alexia Simonton
Stefan Ebersole
Ela Celik

Strings Competition Results

Intermediate A, Intermediate B, and Senior Divisions (Friday April 17th) – Listed in alphabetical order:

Jongho Choi
Luis Gallegos
Anouska Jani
Sarah Janicki
Brian Nguyen
Stephanie Rold
Tara Srinivas
Jennifer Tran
Colton Trigg
Emilie Xu

Piano Competition Results

Beginner A, Beginner and Senior Divisions (Thursday April 16th) – Listed in alphabetical order:

Avery Merrill
Felix Nyamdorj
Sophie Park
Grace Rowberry
Elisabeth Smith
Tara Srinivas
Zack Troyer
Brooke Turner

Junior and Intermediate Divisions (Wednesday April 15th) – Listed in alphabetical order:

Chase Merrill
Sean Meyers
Andrew Rouze
Ellie Shyu
Riley Smith
Chandra Xu
Emilie Xu

2015 Judge Information