2019 Drama Competition Information and Schedule

Please carefully read all of the following information to prepare for your competition on October 12, 2019.

The drama division will be held October 12, 2019 at the Thornton Arts & Culture Center (TACC) located at 9209 Dorothy Blvd.  The easiest way to reach TACC is from the Thornton Parkway, then taking Dorothy Blvd south.  TACC is on the right.   Construction has been completed at TACC so you may enter the front door and check in with the volunteer in the lobby.

We will start the day with our drama performances at 8:30 am.  Please do not enter the competition room if a performer is on stage.  A door monitor will be present.

Two warm-up rooms are located down stairs.  Warm up in performance order unless your teacher chooses to warm you up in groups.  Please arrive about 30 minutes before your Division starts. 

Drama students, bring bring copies of each of your monologues for our judges.  Please include the play or monologue book; the playwright or author and character to be portrayed.

When your competition number is called you may approach the stage.  Introduce yourself by competition number and introduce each performance with play or monologue, author and the character to be portrayed.

Junior Divison                                                                                 Start time 9 am

Intermediate Division                                                            Start Time 9:45 am

Senior Division                                                                       Start Time 10:30 am


Award winners will be posted on the web site at least by midnight Monday, October 14.  Some students will be asked to perform for the spring final concert in April.  Award winners will receive scholarships by mail.  Funds are to be used to advance your study of the arts.  Any senior that has participated in the festival for three years can also apply for the senior scholarship in the spring.  Please refer to the web site.

Questions:  Call Rosalie Keith, 303-457-2289  youngartistsalliance@comcast.net