2014 Vocal Schedule and Information

The vocal divisions for the Festival will be held Saturday, April 5 beginning at 9 am at Carpenter Recreation Center located at 111th and Colorado Blvd.  As students enter the recreation center, turn left just past the registration desk.  The competition rooms are on your right.  Below you will find your division’s start time and competition number.   Students will be introduced by their competition number and are not required to introduce themselves or their musical selections.

Check In

Please arrive before the start time of your division and at least 15 minutes before you perform. Check-in with the volunteer outside the competition rooms and turn in your original music with the measures numbered.  We have two warm-up rooms and ask students to warm-up in the order of their performances.  This competition is open to the public so please dress in concert attire.  You will be performing on a low stage.

Final Concert

Please reserve Saturday, April 12 for the Final Concert and Award Ceremony.  The judges will select top award-winners to perform at 6:30 pm at Skyview Academy Auditorium located at 8990 York St. in Thornton.  (just north of 88th Ave)

Carpenter Stage Rehearsals

Students, their teachers and accompanists may rehearse Wednesday, April 2 from 6-9 pm.  This rehearsal is designed to give you confidence but you are not required to attend.  We allow students to go through their selections one time.  An in-depth practice session is not appropriate.  Sign up with the volunteer when you enter the competition room.  This practice session is on a first come, first served basis.  Please sign in with the volunteer in the practice room when you arrive.

Vocal Questions: email Heather Schenck at heatherschenck@ymail.com or call  720-934-3713

Competition Order


Start Time:  9 am

701      Madeline Wagstaff

702      Kayla Arnold

703      Nina Harrington

End Time:  9:20 am



Start Time:  9:30 am

801      Rachel Friedenson

802      Matthew Lei

803      Devon O’Shea

804      Kayli Silvers

805      Katelynn Luchtenburg

806      Carter Wilson

807      Tori Adams

End Time:  10:30 am



Start Time:  11:00 am

901      Giovanna DeGiacomo

902      Sam Goodwin

903      Gabrielle Wagstaff

904      Brendan Lynch

905      Gracie Brown

906      Kayla Sandoval

907      Haylee Torres

908      Lauren Yaffe

909      Avrial Turner

910      Lauren Clausen

End Time:  12:25 pm



Start Time:  1:10 pm

951      Carly Lyman

952      Karl Allen

953      Marina Larson

954      Emma Coffey

955      Erin Reynolds

956      Loren Cottam

957      Alexis Newmark

958      Amanda Lanning